Number Of Real Estate Teams Growing

Dated: 10/24/2018

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Teams are increasingly becoming more popular in the real estate industry, according to a new survey by NAR (National Association of Realtors). In their survey, they found 26 percent of respondents consider themselves members of a team, while 73 percent do not. 

The definition of a real estate team varies but, generally speaking, it is 2 or more real estate licensees working together to provide real estate services. They're becoming a more appealing option for individuals as it allows for salespeople to provide a higher level of service to their clients by letting each member shine in their areas of expertise. 

The landscape of the real estate industry continues to change with the evolution of technology. Becoming a part of a team allows individual agents to have additional support throughout their transactions. Some teams consist of as little as 2 individual licensees, some smaller teams may consist of 4 licensees, and the well-oiled machines of 5+ team members often consist of broker(s), agents, marketers, and transaction coordinators.

Joining a team allows members to share workloads and responsibilities, support each other, and learn from more seasoned professionals. Not to mention, the synergy of a team can be more desirable than going about it solo. 

At The Kurt Real Estate Group we pride ourselves in our group synergy. We are a seal team of agents that work hard and play harder. We're team of professionals offering the highest level of customer service to our clients featured in Orange Coast Magazine for seven consecutive years. As President's Elite Award recipients at Coldwell Banker, we are in the top 2% of agents nationwide and one of the top small teams in Southern California. Learn more about us here. If interested in interviewing contact us at 877-957-6677 ext. 5002.

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An Orange County native and Team Manager of The Kurt Real Estate Group with a heavy background in both Marketing and Transaction Coordinating, Liz has handled it all - from listings to buyers, from t....

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